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Wildlife Rehab Services

You found a wild animal in need, now what?

  • Give us a text or call so we can help you assess whether the animal is truly in need of rehab.

  • We will arrange transport to our rescue. If you are able to drop off it is a huge help to us!

  • We will do an intake assessment as soon as the animal arrives, and have you complete a quick intake form.

What happens during the rehab process? Where will the animal go when it's better?

  • The rehab process and treatment length varies with each individual animal. We will provide medical care, custom diets, and habitats for the animal during its stay with us.

  • We work with veterinarians for complicated treatments to ensure each animal has it's best chance at making a full recovery.

  • For an animal to qualify as releasable, it must be self sufficient in finding food, seeking shelter, and no longer have human dependency.

  • Wildlife patients that pass these checkpoints will be released at a safe, suitable property, with plenty of natural resources.

For more info on our rehab practices, visit our FAQ page

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